Fiom heeft jouw persoonsgegevens nodig voor de uitvoering van haar dienstverlening. We gebruiken jouw gegevens enkel voor de doeleinden waar je ze voor verstrekt en deze worden verwijderd na het einde van de dienstverlening. 



Permission form 
Research ‘Looking back on an unintended pregnancy’ 

We have asked you to participate in the study ‘Looking back on an unintended pregnancy’. With this form, you indicate if you want to participate in the study. 

Are you well prepared? 

  • Did you read the information for participants about the study? 
  • Were you able to ask the researchers questions? 
  • Did you take enough time to decide if you want to participate? 

It is important that you know this 

  • Your participation is voluntary. You choose if you want to participate in this study. 
  • You can decide not to participate in the study after all. 
  • You can stop participating in the study at any time. 
  • Does the researcher asks why you want to stop? You do not have to answer.  

Would you please answer the following three questions? 

1. May we record the conversation with an audio recorder?
2. May we use the anonymous drawing of your timeline in a report or article after the study?
3. May we share the anonymous report of your interview with other researchers after the study?

Permission to participate in the study 

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Information for participants Research ‘Looking back on an unintended pregnancy’

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